The Restaurants

Adams Ribs Eastport

Ashling Kitchen & Bar

Bismillah Restaurant

Blue Rooster Cafe

Bread and Butter Kitchen

Caliente Grill

Chart House

Elevation Burger

Flag House Inn

Grump's Cafe

Harvest Thyme Modern Kitchen & Tavern

Mali Thai Restaurant

Annapolis Market House

Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge

Palate Pleasers

Perry's Restaurant

Pizza Boli's Edgewater

The Rumor Meal

Sailor Oyster Bar

Saucy Salamander

Stan and Joe's West/Riverside

Sunset Restaurant

Taro Smoothies

Tasty Creations

Tasty Treats to Go

Three Brothers Italian Restaurant - Odenton

Tyler Heights Elementary School

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Together, our community’s project can keep our restaurants afloat and our residents healthy and fed.

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